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Baxter is synonymous of quality, high specialization and elegance Made in Italy. Sofas, armchairs, tables and chairs: Baxter produces little work of art by hand, made with great care and passion by their master craftsmen. Each piece is made using the best leathers and convey emotion. Each element of furniture is unique and unrepeatable.

Chester Moon is the most famous Baxter sofa. The capitonnè technique and the wrapping seating are the main features which we also find in the Diana Chester sofa: it has the same comfort with a more rigorous design. Budapest and Budapest Soft sofas are two Baxter's masterpieces. Designed by Paola Navone, they are still the best seller of the company. The love for high quality leather and a manual process, make Baxter famous worldwide and its products are recognised as the excellence of the Made in Italy .

Paola Navone, Piero Lissoni, Giuseppe Manzoni and Marco Milisich are the most important designers that have been working to create Baxter's furniture. They all have two things in common: the usage of the best techniques and the attention for new trends.


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