Cestone Sofa


Flexform Cestone Sofa, design by Antonio Citterio for Flexform. His special coating made of woven leather panels suggest the idea of a large basket with soft pillows inside.

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67 cm
225 cm
97 cm
40 days
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Cestone sofa, produced by Flexform designed by the famous Italian designer Antonio Citterio, is a linear three-seat that is distinguished by special coating made from woven leather panels that suggest the idea of ​​a large basket with soft pillows inside. Simple and minimalist design of the seat and backrest. Flexform, always careful to the choice of materials, offers more traditional padding of pillows, comforters, or more technological, polyurethane and dacron. The sofa can be upholstered in fabric or soft leather. The structure, which plays a fundamental role in the large sofas, are made of enameled metal frame oven and epoxy resins. Only through the use of top quality materials it can be guaranteed, in addition to comfort, strength and durability necessary.
The structure has a fundamental role, making the environment in which it's located, absolutely special and unique.