Flexform Evergreen Sofa
  • Flexform Evergreen Sofa
  • Flexform Evergreen Sofa
  • Flexform Evergreen Sofa
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  • Flexform Evergreen Sofa with coloured cushions, pouf and coffee table.
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  • Flexform Evergreen Sofa customized layout
  • Flexform Evergreen Sofa customized layout with cushions.

Evergreen Flexform sofa: simply inimitable.

Evergreen is one of the most popular Flexform sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio. The metal base lifts the sofa off the floor and expresses a delicate and sophisticated aesthetic edge. The seatbacks and armrests open outward, accentuating the ethereal appearance of this home decor item. For the upholstery choose from a huge variety of fabrics and leathers in a wide range of colors.  Add extra comfort and complete the look with cushions, combining different fabrics. 

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Evergreen Combination 1 (total length 247 cm):

The combination 1 consists of:

- 1 element dimension 247x100 cm;

- 1 cushion dimension 63x55 cm cm;

- 2 cushion dimension 52x48 cm;

- 2 cushion dimension 54x24 cm.

Evergreen Combination 2 (total length 306 cm):

The combination 2 consists of:

- 2 elements with low armrest dimension 153x100 cm;

- 2 cushion dimension 63x55 cm cm;

- 2 cushion dimension 52x48 cm;

- 1 cushion dimension 54x24 cm.

Evergreen Combination 3 (total length 378x281 cm):

The combination 3 consists of:

- 1 element with low armrest dimension 278x100 cm;

- 1 element dimension 281x100 cm;

- 2 cushion dimension 63x55 cm cm;

- 4 cushion dimension 52x48 cm;

- 3 cushion dimension 54x24 cm.

The Evergreen sofa by Flexform at an incredible price by Flexform


Evergreen Flexform sofa combines comfort and clean lines. An interior design solution that transcends the bounds of time and fashion, as its name promises you. A comfortable, smooth-looking sofa whose elegant design will appeal to a sober, demanding consumer. Available also in the modular version to satisfy your needs with infinite compositions. Choose this Flexform sofa, only for you at the best price on the market.

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