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Infinity bookcase by Flexform: customize your layout online.

Infinite combinations, infinite ways to customize your bookcase and make it more personal, to fit your style and needs. Adaptable to any living room, this modular cabinet is composed of a metal frame and a metal and crystal top, to embellish your space while making it appear well-ordered. Discover what you can do to create your own Infinity bookcase online and express its full layout potential. 

For instance, you can store your books and documents, as well as using the large shelves as exposition spaces for your design objects and furnishing accessories. The light but large structure is freestanding and it can contain elegant cowhide baskets with lateral grips, easy to slide out of the shelves for storage purposes. Italian quality and outstanding design, guaranteed by an iconic brand such as Flexform.

Contact us to further enhance your customizable layout and a give you a special free quote: we have a dedicated interior design team able to satisfy your requirements, happy to help when it comes to making your interior spaces special. 

The price is for an Infinity bookcase, dimensions are 120x40x200 (Combination 1).

The combination 1 (shown above) consists of:

- 1 Base dimension 120x40
- 2 Element dimension 120x40x40
- 2 Element dimension 40x40x20
- 2 Element dimension 40x40x40
- 2 Element dimension 120x40x20
- 1 Element dimension 80x40x40
- 2 Box dimension 39x39x19
- 2 Box dimension 39x39x39

Get in touch with us for more information. 

Infinity Bookcase by Flexform: modular with style by Flexform


Flexform Infinity Bookcase: harmony and order, together.

As an essential and minimal designed bookcase, Infinity cabinet by Italian brand Flexform is totally customizable. The design is well balanced in its forms, to create a game of full and empty spaces that make it a refined and modern piece of furniture. Metal and leather materials create a perfect contrast, to give birth to a unique element to compliment in style any living room. Contact us today for a special price. 

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