Arclinea is the world leader in the production of luxurious modular kitchen.

Born in 1925 as workshop specialized in wood manufacturing, ARC orients itself to the quality and the development of industrial design, becoming a reference company, of approved coherence and international prestige.

The conquered experience takes Arclinea to the development of a competence that can translate the need and to make available of clients and of the market.

At this point start the relationship with the archistar Antonio Citterio, that coordinates the collection, its image and the evolution of Arclinea corporate identity since 1986.

His Convivium succeeds to transform the architectural kitchen concept as a real relational center between who cooks and the others, for a new sense of “live together”.

Citterio is also the designer of Italia, the professional kitchen for the home, perfect for who want to experience restaurant-style performance in his own home.

The Italia door with recessed handle is an exclusive Arclinea patent.

And then, there is Gamma, created in 2013 as the evolution of Gamma 30, the successful, historic Arclinea product from 1970.

It’s a ‘kitchen concept’ that can be projected with a big selection of finishes and almost unlimited potential combinations.

The best for who searches accessible luxury.

The Arclinea Collection is a big mix of elements, embellished by some exclusive ones typical of the company like the MAC (Mini-Appliances-Container) that has a pull-out wood shelf for storing small everyday use appliances; the Up-Down Table that allows the height of the table to be regulated, so that the surface can be used in different ways: socialising, food preparation, study or work; the shelf hood that completes with K LED lighting and Touch dimmer switch; the WIC (Walk-In-Closet) that optimises available space, creating roomy storage areas inside the home with internal lighting and shelves.

Together with the exclusive elements, another Arclinea peculiarity is the use of particular and unique materials and finishes as PVD treatment (Physical Vapour Deposition) and the super matt black Armour laminate, which is extremely innovative, highly resistant and velvety to the touch.

Arclinea Design Cooking School nominates the Italian brand as the absolute protagonist of professional projects for kitchen’s school and restaurants in every big city of the world (Paris, Rome, New York, Chicago).

First among everything the prestigious collaboration with Eataly to promote and spread out the Made in Italy as symbol of quality and creativity; or, also, the one with Ferretti for yachts, up to the project that made possible the installation of Arclinea kitchens in all the homes of Vancouver Trump Tower.

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