To make a furniture shop is necessary experience, passion, care and empaty. All these are family’s qualities for us, that hands down with pride from generations. It’s an adventure that we have started since 1930 , without thinking to arrive where we are now.

Today we believe in the best Italian brands as much as they believe in us and in the way in which we presents to you their products. During these years, our knowledge of the furniture world increased as is also our quality, our attention, our standards:

assistance and availability don’t have deadline for you. However, some things haven’t changed, as the relationship with our clients, that become part of our big family and as such they are treated with friendliness, respect and confidence.

As our concept of design, the true one, that hasn’t a single style, minimalist, classic or contemporary. But limitless and personal totally. Because there are lots of ways to be design and we have all of these, to help you to find yours. We are able to do this because we do this, every day.

Since 1930.