7077 k6 Chandelier De Majo
  • 7077 k6 Chandelier De Majo

7077 k6 Chandelier by De Majo Murano

De Majo Murano

7077 k6 by De Majo is a fashionable, elegant and glamorous chandelier. The search for the formal essence and the originality of the vertical structures, similar to lush leaves, make it a true work of design. Contact us today: we will be happy to offer you free advice.

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7077 k6 is a chandelier made in Murano glass. It has a rigorous design, charachetized with essential and clear lines. A luxury work of art made in original Murano glass and perfect in every detail. Murano glass with blue border, light green with green border, light blue with blue border, "fumé" with blue border, transparent glass with gold leaf. Contact us today: our designer team will help you with suggestions for free.

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