Flexform Asolo sofa Collection 2020
  • Flexform Asolo sofa Collection 2020
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  • Asolo modular sofa by Flexform customized L shaped layout
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  • Flexform Asolo L-shaped composition collection 2020

Asolo by Flexform: a modular sofa born to be a star.

Outstanding comfort, generous yet well-balanced proportions and attention to details: that's the recipe for the unmistakable Flexform style. Created by the genius of Antonio Citterio, here comes another home decor item which evolves on the concept of the popular Groundpiece sofa.
As an early addition to the Collection 2020 by the Italian brand, one couldn't ask for more.  

Devoid of sharp corners, Asolo has a soft and enveloping shape. The armrest comes in two widths and it is distinctive to this creation. It features an elegant pleat, whose shape and aesthetics reveal the impeccable craftsmanship behind such skilful tailoring. The metal base is modern and detailed, to add a sophisticated visual lightness.

As many other Flexform sectional items, it is fully customizable to obtain the perfect interior design solution for any living room. 

Asolo combination 1 (total length 313 cm):

- 1 element dimension 255x116 cm;

- 2 armrests dimension 116x29 cm;

- 3 cushions dimension 52x48 cm.

Asolo combination 2 (total length 425 cm):

- 2 elements dimension 170x106 cm;

- 1 pouf dimension 85x106 cm;

- 4 cushions dimension 52x48 cm.

Asolo combination 3 (total length 302 cm):

- 1 element dimension 255x106 cm;

- 1 armrest dimension 106x18 cm;

- 1 end unit dimension 255x106 cm;

- 1 armrest dimension 106x29 cm;

- 5 cushions dimension 52x48 cm.

Would you like to learn more? Contact us to get a special quotation.

Contact us today for a personalized quote: our interior design team is always available to help you with free suggestions. 

Choose among many fabrics and leathers, discover the extensive Flexform collection and create with us your new Asolo sofa.

Flexform Asolo sofa: a new concept of relax by Flexform


Asolo sofa: enter Flexform 2020 Collection.

At once comfortable, sophisticated and relaxed, Asolo is a sectional sofa easy to use and versatile. It adds style and elegance to any setting, from classic to contemporary. The large and soft seat and the fluffy cushions create a new concept of comfort, for sheer relaxation. Choose Flexform and buy made in Italy sofa at the best price online. Contact us now! 

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