Drawing inspiration from the green labyrinths, arguably the highest example of Italian gardening, Labirinto kitchen is a special tribute to a unique place in the world, more similar to a dream than it is to reality: the Labirinto della Masone di Fontanellato, in Parma. The project focuses on natural materials and tones, such as burnished brass combined with Canaletto walnut and our surprising back-lit Patagonia countertop, whose purpose is to display and enhance all that is natural, intrinsically precious and mutable, drawing inspiration from the game of light seeping through the high tops of bamboo branches.

With its linear but nonminimalist shapes, carefullystudied proportions of different thickness and juxtapositions of noble, natural yet unusual materials, the Labirinto model creates a sort of hidden design, something whose core value is easily understood even at first glance, but nonetheless keeps unfolding more and more into surprising details.

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Labirinto Kitchen by Scic


Labirinto kitchen by Scic is a special project that achieve a single result of beauty and harmony. Just like a hedge maze or a sixteenth-century star-shaped city, Labirinto offers different shapes, materials tactile and visual sensations that ultimately make up its real peculiarity.


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