Italia Kitchen

Italia by Arclinea is a professional kitchen for the home, perfect for home chefs who want to experience restaurant-style performance within their own four walls. Steel is the main player: tensile, hygienic and indestructible. All the layouts adhere to the same principle: generous worktops alongside spacious tall units with efficient, well-planned internal accessories, extended hob tops, two separate washing areas, one for pots and pans and the other for food preparation. Italia is a customizable kitchen: contact us for a bespoke design.

Italia Kitchen by Arclinea


Italia di Arclinea is not a simple kitchen but the perfect balance between design and professionalism. Designed to guarantee the performance of a restaurant at home. The areas are organized according to large worktops, cooking and washing, to turn the activity of cooking into a real moment of pleasure.
Contact us today: we will design your tailor-made Italian kitchen together.


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