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Arrital: modern design kitchen made in Italy

Since 1979 Arrital means passion for quality and innovation. A brand that works in the modern kitchen design sector, always producing successful solutions. Arrital considers the home to be a representation of the way of life of those who live it and an expression of their personality. Mobilificio Marchese is official Arrital reseller and the entire collection of their kitchens is avaialable for you at an incredible price. 

Enjoy creating your new bespoke kitchen: choose Arrital kitchens

For Arrital, quality is a fundamental requisite. Every Arrital kitchen is designed to satisfy practical, ergonomic and aesthetic needs. AKProject is the most popular Arrital kitchen. AK Project is a complete system designed by Franco Driusso and available in different finishes. By matching different modular systems it is possible to create a totally tailor-made kitchen to suit the user’s needs. 

AKB08 was born from the creativity of two expert figures: designer Franco Driusso and chef Andrea Berton. The final resulti is a professional kitchen to a domestic environment, enriched by a modern design. 

AK05 is the Tailor Made kitchen. 5 different solutions, using a range of selected materials, each with different visual and tactile impacts. Choose your favorite one and create with us your new Arrital kitche. 

Modular flexibility, technology and new materials. This is AK04 kitchen by Arrital. Let yourself be conqured by this design work of art, totally made in Italy with the best materials. Available in a range of exterior finishes. 

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Arrital Kitchen - Mobilificio Marchese - Made in Italy