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The great Busnelli company came to life in 1953 in Meda, in the heart of Brianza, with the aim of satisfying people's desires by offering them products capable of transmitting light-heartedness and freedom.

Over the years, Busnelli embarked on a new production path marked by the interest in and use of new technologies and materials. Today, Busnelli is a brand that is characterised by its sophisticated and creative, yet personal and distinctive style. The furnishing complements by Busnelli are modern and contemporary, attentive to the reduction of consumption and particularly eco-friendly.

The new green proposal by Busnelli

The green side of Busnelli has led to the iconic armchairs designed in the 1970s being revisited in an eco-friendly key.

This is the case of Armadillo, an armchair designed in 1969 by Gianni Pareschi. The curved tubular metal frame is covered with soft, handcrafted cushions that outline the seat. Its innovative shapes and versatile structure make Armadillo a historic piece in the Busnelli catalogue.

And what about Fiocco? An iconic piece of radical chic, Fiocco is an armchair born from the creative flair of Gianni Pareschi. The dimensions fill spaces with essentiality, originality and technology, so much so that it earned a place in the permanent collection of the MOMA in New York.

Baffo, designed in 1969 by Gianni Pareschi and Ezio Didone, recalls the idea of a moustache thanks to the skilful use of just two materials. An incredibly rock and modern piece of furniture.

And finally, Libro... the iconic pop design expression of its time. For its whimsical design, Libro is part of the permanent exhibition at the MOMA in New York.

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