Selected Italian furniture brands for your home.

Have a peek at the finest selection of all Mobilificio Marchese offering. Here you can discover some of the many products we gatherfor you from the best Italian furniture brands we collaborate with.

Let Mobilificio Marchese inspire you with a showcase of iconic products.

Our offering range is wider than you might think, we're hereto give you the perfect solution for the properly coordinated home decor.

You'll see here displayed just some of the most relevant items, from the living room to the kitchen products. 

Browse our menu to find more and discover how we can make your home or office space a haven.




  • Chairs & Stools

    How to choose the perfect chairs and stools? Cattelan, Colico, Kristalia, Calligaris: here our selection of the most famous and comfortable products. Relax, enjoy and buy what you like.

  • Lighting
  • Armchair and Sofa

    Discover the amazing sofas and armchairs of Baxter, Arketipo, Living Divani and Arketipo. Here the best solution to make your home unique.

  • Tables and Desks

    Around the table you make important decisions. Choose the perfect table and desk for your home: the aesthetic is a really important factor. Here you find our selection of the best made in Italy brands. Cattelan, Arketipo, Lema, Baxter... which you prefer?

  • Bookshelf and wall unit

    Bookshelves and wall units contain books, decorative objects and memories. Choose what you like in our selection. Here you find the best italian brands: Cattelan, Driade and Lema.

  • Appliances & Accessories
  • Beds

    Choose the perfect bed for your home. Here the most famous and comfortable solutions of Baxter, Flexform, Twils and Oggioni.

  • Storage

    It is versatile in its shape and use: the sideboard is an essential element of furniture. Discover our selection and choose the storage nearest to your taste and to your home design.

  • Outdoor Furniture

    Atmosphera, Vondom, Emu, Driade. Here you find all products you need to make your outdoor area unique: table, chairs, armchairs, sunbeds and lamps.
    Which you like?

  • Wardrobes and Walk-In...

    The element of furniture you can’t do without in a bedroom is the wardrobe. Discover our Lema selection and contact us today for a highly personalized project. Together we will create your perfect wardrobe and walk-incloset.

  • Tableware

    Plates, glasses and tableware: here you find all accessories to make your table unique. Bitossi, Driade: discover the collection of the best italian design brands.

  • Modern kitchens made...

    The kitchen is the real heart of the home. whether it be modern, in wood, classic or industrial style. At Mobilificio Marchese you find the perfect solution at the best price guaranteed on the market. Choose from our catalog signed by Arclinea, Scic, or Stosa: we will help design your custom kitchen. Contact our team of architects and interior designers, get the best advice to furnish your home at the top.

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