Pianca furniture - Discover the entire collection from Marchese 1930

Welcome to the world of Pianca, a furniture brand that embodies elegance, functionality and innovation in design. With a history rooted in traditional Italian craftsmanship, Pianca distinguishes itself by creating distinctive furniture that reflects a timeless style. One of the jewels in the collection is the Peonia sofa, a harmonious fusion of comfort and aesthetics. Its enveloping silhouette offers a cosy refuge, while refined details and quality craftsmanship guarantee uncompromising durability. The Peonia sofa is the quintessence of affordable luxury, perfect for those seeking an enveloping seating experience. Besides sofas, another strong point of the Pianca brand are the tables. Their best seller is the Corinto table, an expression of refinement and practicality, the ideal focal point for convivial gatherings or elegant dinners, combining the beauty of Italian design with effortless functionality. Piaca's strong point are the storage elements from cupboards to wardrobes to walk-in wardrobes. The Logos sideboard is a masterpiece of design, combining geometric shapes and high-quality materials. With well-designed storage spaces and a contemporary aesthetic, Logos is perfect for those who appreciate beauty without sacrificing functionality.

The Pianca wardrobe collection is a celebration of organisation and personal style. Pianca wardrobe systems offer tailor-made solutions to meet individual space and design requirements. With high-quality materials and a wide range of customisable options, Pianca wardrobes are designed to fit perfectly into any lifestyle. With Pianca, the only limit is your imagination. Thanks to their walk-in wardrobes, you can organise your space in the best possible way.

Pianca is synonymous with excellence in Italian design, offering a complete range of furniture that combines form and function superbly. With our commitment to innovation and quality, Pianca continues to set the standard in world-class furniture. A world where each piece tells a story of timeless style and beauty.

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