Contemporary, luxury, and timeless: Italian furniture to fit your life.

An adulterated mix of the finest quality, subtle details, and absolute craftsmanship: the brands we propose here are the cream of the crop of Italian interior design production.

Often an expression of tradition, passion, and research, born and bred in worldwide famous productive districts such as Brianza, Tuscany or Venetian region, just to name a few, the furniture in our catalog are carefully selected.

Made in Italy brands for home decor: stories about you.

From Flexform to Baxter, from Living Divani to Cattelan Italia, and so on, each solution proposed speaks a ton about the person who chose it. Every product boasts a different personality and a unique touch, just like our customers.

You can design your luxury home or office spaces to express yourself and your unique touch, enjoying the best materials, aesthetic and design from Italian masters. Also, the whole pack is offered at unbeatable prices, so worth checking out, for several good reasons.
Since 1930, Mobilificio Marchese stands for quality. 

The best Made in Italy design brands on Mobilificio Marchese


  • Baxter - Ask for a...

    Baxter made in italy sofa: traditional italian innovation.

    Baxter Made in Italy means interior design craftsmanship of the future.
    Synonymous with luxury handcrafted quality and elegance Made in Italy, the company has its roots in the Brianza district. Since 1989, the brand transmits the ancient values of knowing how to make impeccable furniture and furnishings, with a modern and timeless touch. From sofas to armchairs, from tables to chairs: every product is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Everything is handmade with the best leather, a process for which the brand is specialized and recognized throughout the world. Every piece and compliment is studied in details, designed and built in an eco-sustainable manner by respecting the environmental impact.

    Discover your Baxter sofa on Mobilificio Marchese.

    Baxter sofas are popular for their quality and design. The Chester Moon sofa is the most iconic Baxter product, known throughout the world for its unmistakable capitonné workmanship and its enveloping shape: the same elements that the company proposes in a more rigorous key also in the Diana Chester sofa. Another highlight of the production is the Budapest and, in particular, the Budapest Soft sofa, the first product conceived by the designer Paola Navone. The love for high-quality leather and the particular craftsmanship, respecting the environment with a transparent chain, has led the company to become famous even beyond national borders, and its products to be recognized everywhere as examples of Italian modern interior design excellence.

    It is no coincidence that over time many famous designers such as Piero Lissoni, Giuseppe Manzoni, and Marco Milisich, just to name a few, have collaborated to create new pieces of furniture, new interior design solutions, linked together by a common thread: the use of traditional techniques, manual skills and attention to the latest trends.

    Choose your Baxter furniture online at the best price: contact our designers.  

    Quality is priceless, even better when the quality-price relationship you find online at Mobilificio Marchese is guaranteed to be unbeatable on the market. Our interior design team is at your disposal to help you choose, create custom layouts according to your needs, and offer you all the support you need to furnish your spaces for free.

    Discover the new Baxter collection.

    Furnish your home with all the Baxter furniture presented at the Salone del Mobile. The new Baxter collection is available on Mobilificio Marchese and our architects are ready to introduce you to all the latest trends related to home decor shown at the international furniture fair in Milan. 

    The Salone del Mobile Milano is the world's largest furniture fair, showcasing the latest trends and designs in home decor. The new Baxter collection is a must-see for anyone looking to furnish their home with style and sophistication. From luxurious leather sofas to elegant dining tables, the Baxter collection has something for every taste. Our team of architects is ready to guide you through the latest trends and help you create the perfect home. 

  • Flexform - Ask for a...

    Flexform Italy sofas and furniture

    Flexform Italiy is one of the most important Italian brands, famous for the unique and iconic design of its furniture and Flexform sofas are the best-selling products of this company. Choose a Flexform sofa for your home and buy it on Mobilificio Marchese at the best price on the market.

    Flexform sofas: let yourself be conquered by Antonio Cittero masterpieces.

    Flexform sofas are famous all over the world and really regarded for the perfect balance between quality and design. Choose a Flexform sofa by Antonio Citterio means renew your home with a interior design item born to last over the time and symbol of its excellence.

    The Groundpiece sofa, for example, is the unrivaled bestseller of all Flexform production. It has revolutionized the concept of the classic sofa thanks to the awareness that functions are linked to new actions and behaviors. On a sofa you can read, rest, watch TV, but also work or even have dinner. This is why metal storage units covered in hide leather can be placed in the structure, replacing part of the backrest or armrest to give you useful counter space. Soft Dream sofa is another masterpiece that makes a promise with its name: a soft sofa, for dreaming. But actually, all Flexform products have a timeless elegance, and the Flexform sofa Evergreen is the perfect example of this: a sober product of slim, almost ethereal poise.

    Discover the Flexform sofas.

    The Harper sofa will win you over with its timeless style and its innovative storage armrest covered in hide leather. The Bretton sofa, on the other hand, will envelop you in a warm embrace thanks to the comfortable and soft seat and back cushions, enclosed between base and armrests covered in leather.

    And last but not least the new Gregory sofa, with its bold personality and absolutely amazing details: the unique metal base is softened by the warmth of elegant cowhide, which is also used to tailor-finish the exposed parts of the elastic webbing that hosts the seat cushions. It is possible to have it also in the version Gregory XL.

    Flexform Italy is also armchairs, tables, bookcases and beds: each piece is elegant, comfortable and made with very high-quality materials. All the materials, from leathers to fabrics, woods and metals are selected with the most severe criteria.

    So why don’t you start renovating your house now?

    The new Flexform collection presented at the fair is now available on Mobilificio Marchese, where you can find the latest novelties and renovate your home with the inimitable quality of Made in Italy furniture. Our architects are ready to help you with free suggestions and to introduce you to all the new Flexform products, so you can create the perfect living space for you and your family. The Salone del Mobile Milano is the most prestigious furniture fair in the world, and Flexform is one of the most renowned Italian furniture brands. Trust our interior design service online: discover the latest trends in interior design  and receive a personalized advice to create the perfect living space, according your needs.

  • Cattelan Italia - Ask...

    Cattelan Italia: interior design at the best price

    Cattelan Italia means high quality furniture, modern design and unmistakable style. It is indeed the perfect brand for those who want to furnish their house by choosing 100% Made in Italy products, made with care in every detail. The passion of Cattelan master craftsmen is expressed in a wide and varied offer, to complete different environments with a unique touch, from the bedroom to the living room. Choose from tables, chairs, beds, cupboards, bookcases, lamps and other furnishing accessories, at an unbeatable price.

    Discover Mobilificio Marchese’s Cattelan Italia offer

    Furnishing your home is an important project, and choosing the right furniture is essential. Cattelan Italia represents the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Just think of the most appreciated products of the Vicenza brand to understand what we mean: the Spyder table and the Skorpio table.
    Their geometric base in metal, glass and wood shelves make them furnishing elements with a strong stage presence, stars of the dining area, made with selected materials to last.

    In addition to the tables, on Mobilificio Marchese you will also find the entire collection of chairs by Cattelan Italia, including the famous Arcadia chair, the sideboards with a clean and essential design, and other accessories.

    Choose and buy your furniture online, with a simple click. The whole Cattelan Italia collection is available for you at an unbeatable price.

    Buy your furniture online: contact our interior designer team!

    With Mobilificio Marchese, buying furniture online is simple. Choose Cattelan Italia products and contact our interior designer team.

    We are here to answer your questions about the products and suggest the best combinations and customized solutions, always with free advice.
    Request your custom quote. All Cattelan Italia furniture is available for you at the best price, and we will grant free shipping worldwide. Find your dream home pieces and buy them now at Mobilificio Marchese. A store for your furniture online in Italy!

    The new Cattelan collection is available.

    All Cattelan Italia products presented at the Salone del Mobile are already available on Mobilificio Marchese. Discover all the new proposals of the Italian company to furnish your home and contact us immediately: our architects are at your disposal to create customized solutions and help you with free interior design advice. 

    Salone del Mobile Milano is an annual furniture fair held in Milan, Italy, where Cattelan Italia presents their latest and most innovative furniture designs. From sleek and modern dining tables to the famous sideboards, Cattelan Italia offers a wide range of high-quality furniture pieces that are both functional and stylish. And now, you can easily purchase these products on Mobilificio Marchese, where our team of architects can help you create a customized solution for your home with the latest home decor trends.

  • Lema Mobili - Ask for...

    Lema Mobili is the world-famous Italian brand, popular for combining technological innovation with tradition. Since 1970, Lema means the finest furniture and interior design. Every item is unique, totally customizable and made with great care and passion by master craftsmen by using high quality materials.

    Why to choose Lema

    Lema Mobili is the best solution to furnish your home with bespoke items crafted in Italy.

    It allows you to find the perfect pieces for each space, from living room to bedroom, from dining room to office. This is why its best seller sofas, for instance, are so popular in every ambiance: they are the perfect balance between comfort and modularity, design and high-quality materials. Enjoy creating your customized Cloud sofa by combining free and organic shapes, choosing between numerous finishes, fabrics and leathers. The Yard sofa, on the opposite side, is the perfect choice for industrial design lovers, while the Mustique is simply a happy place where you can have pure relax moments.

    But what is Lema's spearhead? The perfection of its day and night modular systems: Selecta, LT40 and its collection of bespoke wardrobes make possible to create 100% customizable wall units and closets, all made with the best wood, metal and glass. Don’t wait any further: the whole Lema collection is now available at Mobilificio Marchese with the best price guaranteed.

    Buy Lema furniture on our online shop

    Furnishing your home with Lema Mobili will be a breath of fresh air: take a look at the sofas, tables, beds, wall units and closets, and contact our design team. They are always available to help you with the best interior design solutions. Request their free suggestions for your project. No matter where you live, you Lema furniture can be shipped worldwide with the best couriers specialized in the transport of luxury furniture.

    Contact us now and receive our offers.

    Discover the new Lema collection on Mobilificio Marchese.

    The new Lema collection, presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, is already available. Renew your home with the new home decor proposals: contact us now and our architects will be happy to present the new catalog and help you find the perfect solution for you.

    The Salone del Mobile in Milan is the world's largest furniture and design fair, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in home decor. The new Lema collection, presented at the fair, is now available and offers a range of stylish and functional pieces to renew your home. From elegant sofas and armchairs to customized walk-in closets, the collection has something for every taste and style. Trust our interior design service online and choose the new Lema furniture to make your home unique.

  • Arketipo Firenze - Ask...

    Arketipo Firenze: Made in Italy design that will conquer you

    Arketipo Firenze means a truly handmade design, 100% made in Italy and able to tells you a story. Arketipo master craftsmen select the best materials to create unique element of furniture: sofas, armchairs, tables, beds and all interior design elements you need to make your home inimitable. Where one sees a wood, metal and cloth, we see a craft, a desire to bring a pleasurable endeavor to the soul and delight for years to come. Discover the entire Arketipo collection, now available for you at the best price on the market.

    Choose Arketipo and furnish your home with Mobilificio Marchese

    Autoreverse sofa is an Arketipo best seller, with a strong personality. Mix and match different fabrics, leathers and zip and create a customized home decor item able to tell something about you. Another highlight of the production is the Jupiter armchair. An item with a design that captures, a design that has a place in every living area.

    In addition to the sofas and armchairs, on Mobilificio Marchese you will also find the entire collection of tables by Arketipo, including the Oracle table, available with a wood top and a marble top, and the new Icon table, a perfect balance between strong personality and poetic shapes.

    Buy your Arketipo furniture online: contact us today!

    Trust the experience of our architects and interior designers and renew your home with Arketipo furniture. We are always available to help you with free suggestions and customized interior design solutions: we will create together your dreamy home.

    Contact us today and receive your special quotation. The entire Arketipo collection is available at the best price and Mobilificio Marchese guarantees you free worldwide shipping. 

  • Driade - Ask for a...

    Driade: art meets interior design

    Driade is a real creative laboratory: from 1968 to today, the company founded by the Astori brothers produces furniture comparable to works of modern art. Known worldwide for the eccentric style that characterizes sofas, armchairs, tables, cupboards, and accessories, immediately recognizable. Driade does not follow the trends of the moment, he creates them. Shapes and colors are the results of a precise home decor project, crafted with skill, to offer beautiful and resistant furniture. The result is a unique collection, made in Italy, exclusively for you on our online shop.

    Discover the whole Driade collection on Mobilificio Marchese

    Costes is the first Driade best seller. Born from the creative genius of Philippe Starck, this armchair has been produced since 1984 and owes its success to the originality of its form: a wrapping dark wood shell and three inclined steel legs. Even the Wow sofa was created by the French designer with the aim of creating a sofa that embraces you. Here the comfort is the real protagonist: large and soft seat cushions and padded back, to be mixed according to your tastes to create customized solutions. Driade is also outdoor furniture, the reign of Fabio Novembre. He is the creator of Nemo, the world famous armchair. A human face that becomes a space to live in, to live.
    Driade boasts collaborations with the best international designers, such as Roberto Palomba, Enzo Mari, Tokujin Yoshioka. Important names, linked by a single objective: to experiment with new forms and innovative housing solutions.

    Buy Driade furniture in our online shop: ask for your special price

    Mobilificio Marchese offers you quality furniture at the best price. Choose the perfect Driade furniture to furnish your home and contact our interior designers: together you will find customized solutions for your indoor and outdoor spaces. And we will give you the shipping costs.

  • Living Divani - Ask...

    Living Divani sofas are unique works of art made in Italy. Perfect, harmonious proportions and a feeling of understated luxury are the distinguishing features of each product. Sofas, of course, are the core business of Living Divani. Upholstered in fabric or leather, they have a perfect balance between lightness and dynamism. Their design is essential and mixes purity of lines and shapes with ergonomics and comfort. Such features can be found in NeoWall, ExtraSoft and Extra Wall sofas: three modular and totally customizable sofas, with infinite combinations. The Ile Club is another original sofa attacting attentions. Deep and soft, it is developed on a modern steel base. All Living Divani extra soft sofas will offer you pleasent moments of relax.

    Piero Lissoni has designed all Living Divani best seller sofas. He also has created the famous Frog and Carbon Frog armchairs. Thanks the woven seat and backrest, this element of furniture has a strong and firm personality. Living Divani has also a vast and varied offer of armchairs, tables, beds and complements: all you need to create a perfect living room and a unique bedroom.

    By choosing Living Divani you will have a product made with high quality materials, a chic and modern element of furniture for a sober, timeless and elegant home. Every Living Divani sofa is a guarantee of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

    Choose the new Living Divani collection.

    All the new Living Divani products presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan are already available on Mobilificio Marchese. Contact us to discover the latest home decor trends and the new furnishing solutions of the Italian company. Our architects will help you with tailor-made solutions to make the most of the available space and meet your needs.

    Salone del Mobile Milano is an annual furniture fair held in Milan, Italy, where the latest trends and designs in home decor and furnishings are showcased. Living Divani is an Italian company that specializes in creating high-quality, contemporary furniture pieces that are both functional and stylish. Mobilificio Marchese is a retailer that offers Living Divani products and can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs and space requirements. 

  • Twils Beds - Ask for a...

    Twils: a deep link between family and love for craftsmanship

    The Twils brand was born from the passion shared by a family: four siblings and a father, who together built the company that today boasts thirty-seven years of success.

    Tiziano, Wilma, Luisella and Simone - whose initials form the brand's name - since they were young found themselves helping their father in the family business, becoming more and more passionate about it, launching furnishing proposals that over the years have distinguished themselves on the market.

    Furnish your night area with the hand-made quality of Twils beds: discover them on Mobilificio Marchese

    Let our interior designers advise you on furnishing your bedroom. Depending on your style and taste, they will be able to recommend the Twils bed that best suits you.

    Are you a lover of retro style and dramatic furnishing elements? The Chocolat bed is characterised by its high headboard made particular by a particular effect, that’s a clear reference to Renaissance architecture.

    If, on the other hand, you prefer a bed with a stately and timeless style, then we recommend the Dorian bed. Its fine details, the diamond-patterned capitonné work of the headboard and the harmony of its proportions make it a unique piece of furniture.

    Do you love classic, timeless style? Studio Balutto Associati has designed the Carnaby bed for Twils, a piece of furniture that transcends time and fashion. The name and design recall the Swinging London years and the colourful looks that distinguished the style.

    Buy Twils brand products on Mobilificio Marchese

    Mobilificio Marchese is a leader in the furniture sector and thanks to its expert team of interior designers will be able to advise you on the most suitable furnishing solution for you. In addition to double beds, you can buy armchairs, single beds, but also chairs, poufs, cushions and mattresses, bookcases and all the furnishing accessories you can discover with Mobilificio Marchese!

  • Atmosphera - Ask for a...

    Living en plein air means conviviality, sun, food, friends, family days, a set table and welcoming living areas. Observing nature from another point of view, transforming the landscape into a texture to be inspired by, colors to reinterpret, the Atmosphera products, a leading company in the outdoor furniture sector, are born.

    From resting in the shade of a tree to studying concentrated for hours, from contemplation to refreshment, from solitude to sharing in company.Choosing Atmosphera furniture means not only furnishing your outdoor spaces with style and quality but also ensuring moments of pure relaxation, alone or in company.

    Sofas, armchairs, loungers, tables: Atmosphera offers you everything you need to create your new dining and relaxation area in the garden or on the terrace. Discover best sellers such as the Dream sofa: a piece of furniture with a stately and elegant character that conceals a minimal and playful soul. Let yourself be conquered by the Cyrano armchair, inspired by the legendary figure of Cyrano de Bergerac, swordsman with a bold and courageous temperament. An enveloping aluminum shell that incorporates an ergonomic and soft cushions that pour outwards like the petal of a flower.

    Unmissable to comfortably sunbathe during the hot season is the minimal and functional Maxim sunbed with its adjustable backrest.

    All the materials used in the outdoor collections are suitable for staying outdoors. In fact, they withstand abundant temperature changes, are resistant to UV rays, water, saltiness and atmospheric agents in general.

    Furnish your outdoor spaces with Mobilificio Marchese and rely on our team of architects and interior designers, always ready to help you with customized solutions.

  • Kristalia Furniture -...

    Kristalia: the Italian brand born from jazz

    Kristalia, whose name is a fusion of Cristallo and Italia, was founded in 1994 by young people from Friuli who were able to see design where everyone only sees clothing and knitwear production.

    In a short time, Kristalia became a luxury brand, also thanks to the production of extendable tables, which in 2000 consecrated the brand in the furniture sector.

    Kristalia as a synonym for innovation, functionality and Made in Italy craftsmanship

    Before the revolution of 2001, Kristalia was known as a company specialising in the production of glass furnishing accessories. In the years to come, the brand abandoned this particular production and moved on to the production of furnishing elements, while maintaining one essential characteristic: transparency.

    Today Kristalia is a luxury brand that produces tables, coffee tables, chairs and armchairs, without ever abandoning furnishing accessories.

    Let yourself be guided by the freshness and versatility of the Kristalia brand: find out more about Mobilificio Marchese

    Contact Mobilificio Marchese to learn more about the Italian brand Kristalia and furnish your home with innovative, high quality and visionary furnishing elements. Ask for more information and we will be ready to advise you!

  • Alf DaFrè - Ask for a...

    Alf DaFré and its mission: Made in Italy quality

    Alf DaFré was created in Treviso in the 1950s thanks to a group of craftsmen who decided to get together to found a cooperative. Founded with the aim of mass-producing utilitarian objects in wood, it quickly became an important industrial reality.

    With the take-over of the company by the Piovesana brothers, the brand grew even larger, gaining even more prominence in the furniture sector. The main characteristic of the Alf DaFré brand is its passion for the meticulous choice of materials, sourced from the best European and international suppliers to guarantee Made in Italy quality.

    Made in Italy furniture in your home with Mobilificio Marchese

    Furnish your home with Alf DaFré items such as coffee tables, sideboards, armchairs but also bookcases and sofas. The wardrobes and day systems can be customised to suit your needs, allowing you to have a piece of furniture that is essential but tailor-made for you.

    From sofas to tables, from beds to walk-in wardrobes, Alf furnishes your home with style and quality, that Italian style that stands out in the world at an unbeatable price.

    Rely on Mobilificio Marchese and discover the world of Alf DaFré

    Ask our expert designers for advice and let them guide you into the world of Alf DaFré's high quality manufacturing. Furnish your home with the inimitable style of Made in Italy.

  • XL Cork Stools - Ask...

    Innovative, stylish, but most importantly functional. XL Cork products have a unique and modern design:  stools and tables with champagne cork shape.

  • Colico Furniture - Ask...

    Colico: design to live

    Design, functionality, and innovation made in Italy. This is Colico, a Brianza-based company famous for its chairs. For almost a hundred years Colico has been offering furniture that is down to the last detail and attentive to the latest trends, to furnish homes around the world. Each Colico piece is made according to the company philosophy: to produce a design to live thanks to the cutting edge technologies and materials, always keeping an eye on environmental sustainability.

    Mobilificio Marchese is an official Colico dealer: discover the entire collection

    When we talk about Colico, the mind immediately goes to her: the Brera chair. Colico's iconic product, made entirely of solid wood, is inspired by typically Italian restaurant chairs, contaminating their design with an original reinforcement. The pastel colors, then, make it young, almost cheeky.
    Milano 2015, the chair born from a modern reinterpretation of the classic "Milan" wooden chair, from which it takes its forms but distorted materials and colors, becoming a modern piece of furniture and original.
    Over the years Colico has established not only chairs on the market. The collection has been enriched with tables, stools, sofas and furnishing accessories with a strong stylistic imprint that has become the perfect balance between quality, comfort, and style. Small masterpieces, the result of numerous collaborations with established designers but above all with new emerging talents. Colico thus makes its tradition available to the new generations.

    Choose your Colico furniture and buy them online at the best price

    Finding the furniture of your dreams is priceless but on Mobilificio Marchese the price is always unbeatable. Trust our interior designers: together you will find the best solutions to furnish your home. Their advice is always free, like the shipping costs which are our gift to tell you "Thank you for choosing us".

  • Cantori Furniture -...

    In 1976, Sante Cantori started the Italian luxury brand of the same name, which shows all the contemporary taste in his works of art. Its products are synonymous with Italian manufacturing and attention to detail. All Cantori furniture elements combine beauty and quality. Beds, tables, chairs and sofas: everything is proposed in an aesthetic and functional range that ranges from classic to contemporary style.

    Let our team advise you: contact Mobilificio Marchese and furnish your home with taste.

  • EMU Furniture - Ask...

    For 70 years Emu has been synonymous with 100% Made in Italy outdoor furniture. An Italian brand that boasts collaborations with the most famous Italian and international designers and architects to offer an increasingly avant-garde outdoor proposal, without abandoning the craftsmanship method. All the furnishing proposals, whether they are sunbeds, tables, chairs but also umbrellas, are created with high quality materials and with an attractive and contemporary design.

    Find out how to furnish the outdoor spaces of your home with Made in Italy comfort and quality: contact Mobilificio Marchese and rely on our team of architects who will help you transform your garden or terrace into your new favorite place to spend unique moments of relaxation with family and friends. 

  • Vondom Furniture - Ask...

    Vondom is one of the best brands for outdoor furniture, which stands out for its innovative and cutting-edge products. Style and comfort come together to ensure beautiful outdoor furniture elements but also comoio and above all of high quality. All the outdoor furniture proposed by Vondom manage to add style and character to the environment they furnish, transforming it into a unique and extraordinary place.

    Request more information from our team of interior designers and let yourself be conquered by the powerful colors and shapes of Vondom.

  • Infiniti Furniture -...

    Infiniti is a young brand that offers unique style seating solutions. Creativity, technological innovation and modern design are the keywords to describe this company. Founded in 2008, it offers furnishing elements designed for working, relaxing, socializing. Creativity, technological innovation, design-thinking: these are the key concepts for understanding the philosophy of infiniti, which offers furnishing accessories - chairs, stools, tables, sofas - created for the needs of contemporary life.

    From the very first steps, infiniti believed that design should be a value to be shared, and to be enjoyed in good company. A familiar concept that extends to the urban, public or professional community with a recognizable, practical and elegant touch: this is how furnishings made to be used, shared, recommended.

    Discover the entire Infiniti collection on Mobilificio Marchese and furnish your home with Made in Italy furnishing elements.

  • Arte Brotto - Vero...

    Arte Brotto is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and made in Italy. The absolute protagonist is solid walnut and oak: the noblest part of the trunk characterizes unique products, such as the Vero table, where it is used in a single strip. The craftsmanship, the sensitivity and skill of master cabinetmakers with over 20 years of experience, ensure that the raw material - a gift of the most authentic nature - becomes interior design of the highest level.

    Each bespoke product made by Arte Brotto is characterized by the same quality and a beauty destined to last over time.

    Strengthened by its ability and experience in the processing of the best wood essences, Arte Brotto develops with Vero an aesthetic research capable of moving in different directions, starting from the same concept. A world-famous table and the company's undisputed best seller, it represents the best example of Arte Brotto's love for wood: a living material that offers inimitable sensations of warmth and elegance.

    A table able to excite and give a precise identity to the environment that hosts it. The complete control of the wood supply chain, the knowledge of the raw material and the ability to enhance the characteristics expressed by each individual tree through skilled manual processing allow Arte Brotto to offer Vero in different sizes and finishes, to be able to meet your needs of furniture.

    Buy the Vero table by Arte Brotto on Mobilificio Marchese. Contact us now and ask for a personalized quote: our team of architects and interior designers is always ready to help you with customized interior design solutions. Don't wait any longer, choose the quality of made in Italy furniture.

  • Pedrali Furniture -...

    Pedrali: beauty, tradition and innovation as a company philosophy

    Pedrali is an Italian company established in 1963 by Mario Pedrali in the form of a craft workshop where he produced the first collections of wrought iron outdoor seating. As early as the 1970s, Pedrali collaborated with architects and designers both in Italy and abroad, but it was with the entry of Monica and Giuseppe Pedrali in 1987 that the company developed further. Under Monica and Giuseppe's leadership, the brand achieved collaboration with international designers and saw the opening of two new locations.

    The 100% Made in Italy quality of Pedrali items

    All Pedrali products are designed to stand the test of time and provide continuity within families. The company makes a careful and careful selection of raw materials, guaranteeing high quality products such as the Ara chair and armchair, both characterised by balanced and elegant lines. Pedrali, however, is not just chairs: the Pasha coffee table, created by designers Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci, is the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation. It is a piece of furniture that captivates with its elegance and refinement.

    Finally, it is impossible not to mention the Frida chair: winner of the 'Compasso d'Oro Adi' award in 2011, Frida was designed by Odo Fioravanti. The chair represents a benchmark in woodworking, encapsulating refined technology, becoming a true masterpiece of design.

    Buy Pedrali brand products on Mobilificio Marchese

    Discover the refinement and quality of Pedrali furniture. Furnish your home with Made in Italy craftsmanship and let yourself be conquered by their comfort and beauty. Contact Mobilificio Marchese and ask for a free consultation.

  • Bitossi Home Tableware...

    Bitossi Home is an italian leading company in tableware. Plates, glasses, flatware: all products are created with high-quality material.

  • Arclinea Kitchens -...

    Arclinea is without any doubt one of Italian top brand for kitchen. Designed by the Italian archistar Antonio Citterio, the brand offers a very technical product, as it has been chosen for the Worldwide famous luxury food court group and for many cooking schools all over the world. The concept of the Arclinea Collection is expressed through Design, Exclusive Manufacturing Processes and Transversality.

    Convivium is open space, a kitchen as an agile organised area, where being together becomes something to share anew every day, a place where a whole series of concrete actions – storing, preparing, cooking – are turned into rituals and emotions.

    Italia is not a simple kitchen but the perfect balance between design and professionalism. Designed to guarantee the performance of a restaurant at home. The areas are organized according to large worktops, cooking and washing, to turn the activity of cooking into a real moment of pleasure.

    Lignum et Lapis create a perfect match between the essential industrial design and the soft warmth of wood. The final result is a kitchen to live, the perfect place to prepare food but also to dream, talk and made special every moment of your days.

    Gamma is the kitchen dedicated to the new market, to a new world that seeks accessible personal luxury, for everyday use but always extraordinary. Gamma is a ‘kitchen concept’ that provides simple, flexible, clear answers to real design needs with a huge selection of finishes and almost unlimited potential combinations.

  • Midj Chairs and Tables...

    Midj: not only Made in Italy, but also master craftsmanship and creativity

    The Italian brand Midj was founded in 1987 in Cordovado, in the province of Pordenone, with the desire to innovate the idea of furniture that existed until then. Midj designs and interprets furniture with a mastery that distinguishes the brand and all its collaborators.

    Midj creates furnishing elements for those who have faith in the future, for those who want to live and build real, light-filled spaces within their homes.

    All Midj furnishing elements are made with care and love

    Midj is a young and modern Italian brand that presents innovative and unique objects characterised by unusual materials, finishes and shapes. From seats to tables, to storage furniture and accessories, Midj is committed to guaranteeing the high quality of Made in Italy craftsmanship and furnishing elements designed and studied to be experienced in one's own home.

    The Forest table, designed by Beatriz Sempere in 2017, is an extendable table that is a symbol of the brand. Its graphic style base makes it unmistakable and timeless. Then there is the Wrap seating collection, designed by Balutto Associati studio, which is characterised by its enveloping and soft lines.

    Buy Midj brand products on Mobilificio Marchese

    Contact us to receive more information on Midj products and a free consultation from our interior designers. Together with them you can design the furnishing of your home, enriching it with the freshness and liveliness of Midj products.

  • Sitap - Ask for a...

    Sitap is an Italian luxury brand whose main goal is the customization of carpets and their evolution. Born in 1955 with Mario Bosoni, Sitap knows the real business development with Gian Mario Bosoni and Barbara Trombatore, bringing the carpets to a high level of quality standard. Sitap creates rugs by collaborating with the best designers, offering a wide range of haute couture rugs.

    SITAP is an Italian and international excellence in the world of modern contemporary design carpets.

    Each carpet is like a blank canvas. Images, emotions, thoughts take shape, thanks to the skilful craftsmanship behind the wide variety of his proposals. The carpet becomes an icon of contemporary living, characterizing every environment thanks to an ever new language, made up of colours, patterns, shades, weaves and a simply irresistible touch.

    Artisan hands draw the new curves, caress daring combinations, combine tradition and modernity in the same rug.

    With Sitap's handmade carpets you can create a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests, beautiful to live in. An extra touch of personality that embraces the style of your home.

    Contact Mobilificio Marchese to request more information.

  • Treku Furniture - Ask...

    Attractive design but without excess. This is the philosophy of Treku, a Spanish company with over 70 years of history in the furniture sector. It was 1947 when in Zarautz, a Basque town, the Aldabaldetreku family started the entrepreneurial activity that is still carried on today by the third generation. The design and craftsmanship characterize all the furnishing elements of the brand, famous all over the world especially for its cupboards and storage units. Treku specializes in the production of solid wood furnishing accessories, with an essential and modern design, but at the same time that will never go out of style. Treku products are unparalleled works of art. The cleanliness of the geometric shapes, combined with the quality of solid wood and finishing materials, creates works that stand out in the most refined contemporary living rooms.

    Discover all Treku products on Mobilificio Marchese and immediately receive a free interior design consultation. Here you will find the best interior design service online. 

  • Campeggi - Ask for a...

    Comfort, Movement, Play, Unpredictability. Campeggi imagines a bright and dynamic universe of objects ready to move and transform to satisfy your pleasure of living, living, changing.

    The furnishing elements of the Campeggi collection give life to a catalog that speaks of innovation and non-triviality, dynamic intelligence and not static immobility. Things that do not change are bound to dry up, only those that can change do not die.

    Movement is the basic rule that allows the transformability of each product: sofas, armchairs, poufs change shape easily, without ever losing their charm and comfort.

     Discover the entire Campeggi collection on Mobilificio Marchese and let yourself be surprised by its unconventional design. Contact us for more information and to try our online interior design service: our architects are always at your disposal to help you with free home decor advice.

  • Porada - Ask for a...

    Porada Arredi: solid wood furniture made in Italy with love.

    Porada Arredi is not simply furnishing and home decor brand. It’s a beautiful tale of love and family tradition, started by Luigi Allievi back in 1948, with a small production of chairs, in Cabiate, close to Lake of Como, Italy. Craftsmanship to the utmost form, the brand is renown for its natural capability of transforming natural wooden trunks into pieces of the finest Italian hand-made design. Quality is the main pillar of the family founded company, alongside attention to details and uncompromising research for perfection. You can see obsession for details as you look at the curved lines that make tables, chairs, and sofas, as well as every other Porada’s product, timeless art pieces.

    Discover Porada Arredi furniture peculiarities.

    True to their furnishing heritage, the veritable stars of Porada Arredi are the tables, the cabinets and the cupboards, carved to stand the test of time. The Infinity dining table is probably the most renown Porada product, its curves melting together tradition and innovation. The beautiful wooden base is complimented by a glass top, to give birth to amazing contrasts. Another highlight of the company’s production are for sure the Atlante and the Kilt sideboards. No matter if you need a piece for your living room or bedroom, Porada has solutions that fit you.

    Furthermore, over the years the company has established many collaborations with international design stars such as Staffan Tollgard, Carlo Ballabio, Patrick Jouin, just to name a few among many others. They have kept creating new pieces and styles with the use of traditional techniques, and attention to the latest trends, to achieve the timeless effect we all appreciate.

    Choose Porada Arredi online, get qualified advice.
    Quality is priceless, and we strive since 1930 to deliver you the best deals on the market. On top of that, our interior design team will give you extra value for free, helping you with layouts, create custom layouts according to your needs and offer you all the support you need to furnish your spaces for free.

  • Liu Jo Living - Ask...

    Liu Jo Living: fashion and design in a sophisticated furniture collection

    From the match between the Italian manufacturing tradition and the emotions typical of fashion, comes Liu Jo Living Collection. The interior design approach by Liu Jo is: create a new concept of welcoming space. Sofas, armchairs, tables and bed are a geometric design that supports the assertion of personal style, facilitating combinations and customizations. With a collection with more than 180 fabrics, leathers and patterns, Liu Jo Living makes possible to create a unique element of furniture, designed to give free rein to your creativity. 

    Let yourself be conquered by Liu Jo Living furniture

    Caillou by Liu Jo Living is a collection aims to release from traditional shapes and nomenclatures but to create a new design more free, modular and repositioned. Caillou sofa is inspired by soft and irregular lines of river pebbles. The irregularity of each piece is a sign of high artisan touch and tailored uniqueness, making each environment unique. A modular sofa totally customizable, that will add style to your living room.

    Liu Jo Living furniture are the best solution to create an individual, and sometimes even revolutionary space in home. Choose Warm Hug sofa: let yourself be conquered by this eccentric sofa with a nest like-shape sits on two slim metal feet. These unconventional lines and a fashion touch make this sofa a new milestone for the interior design. Discover also Guest armchair, cozy like a shell, and the Sweet Embrace, your new perfect reading armchair. 

    Buy Liu Jo Living furniture on our online shop

    Furnish your home with Liu Jo Living furniture: quality and affordability for your home. Choose your sofa, armchair, table or bed and contact our interior design team. They are always available to help you free interior design suggestions. Request our offers today.

  • Capital - Ask for a...

    Capital: the union of design and luxury that gives life to unique furnishing elements

    Capital was founded by Paolo Viscovich over forty years ago, thanks to his experience in the luxury furniture sector. The company's mission is to create made-to-measure products in which the imperfection of materials, essences or fabrics is a tangible sign of craftsmanship.

    The Capital brand speaks to one person at a time, giving them a unique piece of furniture, made and designed especially for them.

    The luxury and elegance of Capital products: a mix of cultures and styles

    The elegance and charm that characterises all Capital furniture items is visible at first glance. For example, Bon Ton is an elegant sofa distinguished by a harmonious composition of materials combined. The sophisticated visible stitching and the curved, enveloping backrest guarantee inimitable comfort and elegance.

    The Ercole dining table is made of marble and features luxurious metal details: its innovative design and the high quality of the materials make it a piece of furniture that is appreciated by everyone.

    Not to mention the Allure sofa, one of the most popular interior design items in the Capital Collections. With its charming design and clean lines, it fits into any environment.

    Buy Capital brand products at Mobilificio Marchese

    Give your home a unique elegance and luxury: furnish your dining room and living area with furnishing elements by Capital. Ask for advice from our expert interior designers and your home will acquire a new light!

  • Horm Casamania - Ask...

    Horm Casamania: passion for beauty and quality, hallmarks of the Italian brand

    Horm Casamania is one of the Italian luxury brands that stands out for the passion for beauty and quality that it conveys in every piece of furniture. With its completely Made in Italy manufacture, Horm Casamania furnishes contract and private spaces with sofas, chairs, tables but also mattresses and furnishing accessories for the home and office. Thanks to the union of three furniture brands - Horm, Casamania and Orizzonti Italia - which are linked by a single thread, the brand manages to satisfy even the most eclectic personalities.

    Furnish your spaces with Mobilificio Marchese: discover the pleasure of Italian luxury with Horm Casamania

    Whether it is the living area of your home or your office, with Horm Casamania you will find the answer to all your needs. The Barbara table will conquer your guests in your dining room with its soft, sinuous lines. Its marble base, characterised by a cement central part, makes it a statuesque piece of furniture.

    But that's not all: you can complete your decor with the Carlos sideboard, designed by Renato Zamberlan, inspired by the work of Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez and his Op Art style.

    Buy Horm Casamania brand products on Mobilificio Marchese

    Contact us and discover the entire Horm Casamania collection. Our interior designers are available to help you choose the furniture that suits your style. Rely on Mobilificio Marchese: an expert in the field of furniture for over 90 years.

  • Arrital Kitchen - Ask...

    Arrital: modern design kitchen made in Italy

    Since 1979 Arrital means passion for quality and innovation. A brand that works in the modern kitchen design sector, always producing successful solutions. Arrital considers the home to be a representation of the way of life of those who live it and an expression of their personality. Mobilificio Marchese is official Arrital reseller and the entire collection of their kitchens is avaialable for you at an incredible price. 

    Enjoy creating your new bespoke kitchen: choose Arrital kitchens

    For Arrital, quality is a fundamental requisite. Every Arrital kitchen is designed to satisfy practical, ergonomic and aesthetic needs. AKProject is the most popular Arrital kitchen. AK Project is a complete system designed by Franco Driusso and available in different finishes. By matching different modular systems it is possible to create a totally tailor-made kitchen to suit the user’s needs. 

    AKB08 was born from the creativity of two expert figures: designer Franco Driusso and chef Andrea Berton. The final resulti is a professional kitchen to a domestic environment, enriched by a modern design. 

    AK05 is the Tailor Made kitchen. 5 different solutions, using a range of selected materials, each with different visual and tactile impacts. Choose your favorite one and create with us your new Arrital kitche. 

    Modular flexibility, technology and new materials. This is AK04 kitchen by Arrital. Let yourself be conqured by this design work of art, totally made in Italy with the best materials. Available in a range of exterior finishes. 

    Buy your new Arrital kitchen on Mobilificio Marchese: get in touch now!

    Mobilifio Marchese is the best solution for furniture from Italy online. Trust the experience of our more than 90 years of projects in the finest homes around the world. We offer you a skilled team of architects and the best Italian online design service. We will create togheter your bespoke kitchen. 

    Contact us today and receive a special quotation. Mobilificio Marchese guarantees you the best price on the market. 

  • Varaschin - Ask for a...

    Facilitating people to live well in an outdoor context. This is the mission of Varaschin, the reference point in Europe for qualified outdoor furniture. Since 1969, the company has been offering outdoor furniture items that follow the latest trends, offering the certainty of furnishing your outdoor spaces in a contemporary style. The pride of Varaschin is the solid knowledge of craftsmanship which translates into a team of expert master craftsmen. The final result are sofas, armchairs, tables and furnishing elements that stand out for their ability to combine form and function, without ever giving up on comfort. Each product is made with special attention and extreme attention to detail, to offer uncompromising quality.

    Discover the entire Varaschin collection on Mobilificio Marchese

    The Emma Cross collection contains the most popular products of the company, known throughout the world for the quality of materials and original design. The Emma Cross armchair, for example, with the exclusive woven backrest and the comfortable and wide seat is one of Varaschin's undisputed best sellers. The sofa, armchair, stool and coffee tables are also part of the same line: everything you need to furnish your outdoor spaces with contemporary elegance.

    Do you need to furnish your outdoor space? Trust our architects

    Contact us today and trust our team of experts to furnish your outdoor spaces with style. We will choose each product, fabrics and colors together, creating customized solutions that reflect your tastes and needs. Furthermore, Mobilificio Marchese guarantees you the best price on the market and always free advice to furnish your spaces.

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