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Sitap is an Italian luxury brand whose main goal is the customization of carpets and their evolution. Born in 1955 with Mario Bosoni, Sitap knows the real business development with Gian Mario Bosoni and Barbara Trombatore, bringing the carpets to a high level of quality standard. Sitap creates rugs by collaborating with the best designers, offering a wide range of haute couture rugs.

SITAP is an Italian and international excellence in the world of modern contemporary design carpets.

Each carpet is like a blank canvas. Images, emotions, thoughts take shape, thanks to the skilful craftsmanship behind the wide variety of his proposals. The carpet becomes an icon of contemporary living, characterizing every environment thanks to an ever new language, made up of colours, patterns, shades, weaves and a simply irresistible touch.

Artisan hands draw the new curves, caress daring combinations, combine tradition and modernity in the same rug.

With Sitap's handmade carpets you can create a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests, beautiful to live in. An extra touch of personality that embraces the style of your home.

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