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Kristalia: the Italian brand born from jazz

Kristalia, whose name is a fusion of Cristallo and Italia, was founded in 1994 by young people from Friuli who were able to see design where everyone only sees clothing and knitwear production.

In a short time, Kristalia became a luxury brand, also thanks to the production of extendable tables, which in 2000 consecrated the brand in the furniture sector.

Kristalia as a synonym for innovation, functionality and Made in Italy craftsmanship

Before the revolution of 2001, Kristalia was known as a company specialising in the production of glass furnishing accessories. In the years to come, the brand abandoned this particular production and moved on to the production of furnishing elements, while maintaining one essential characteristic: transparency.

Today Kristalia is a luxury brand that produces tables, coffee tables, chairs and armchairs, without ever abandoning furnishing accessories.

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