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Cattelan Italia furniture

Cattelan Italia represents the essentiality through modern furniture. Every product has a perfect balance between different forms and materials, designed in every particular. Spyder table is the unrivaled bestseller of all Cattelan Italia productions and rapresents the soul of the corporate philosophy. The steel base has a fashionable X shape and the crystal top creates an amazing visual lightness. The Spyder Wood table, with a wood top, has a more contemporary style.

Skorpio is another Cattelan Italia work of art. It has an elegant crystal top and a unique geometric steel base: an element of furniture with a strong and firm personality. It is possible to have it also with a wood top. This is the Skorpio Wood: same design but different materials. Chairs, sideboards, beds and complements to complete Cattelan Italia collection and make possible to make unique living areas and bedrooms. Arcadia chair and Europa sideboard are two of the most appreciated products. All Cattelan Italia items are 100% made in Italy with passion and high quality materials.

Cattelan Italia furniture

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