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Flexform sofa

Flexform is an important italian brand, famous for the unique design of their furniture. Sofas, armchairs, tables, bookcases and beds: each piece is elegant, comfortable and made with high quality materials. Leathers, fabrics, woods, metals, upholstery materials are selected with the most severe criteria.

Groundpiece is the unrivaled bestseller of all Flexform production. It has revolutionized the concept of the sofa because it is based on the awareness that functions are linked to new actions and behaviors. On a sofa you can read, rest, watch TV, but you can also work with a computer, or even have dinner. This is why low metal storage units covered in cowhide can be inserted in the structure, replacing part of the back or armrest to provide useful counter space. Soft Dream sofa is another masterpiece that makes a promise with its name: a soft sofa, for dreaming. All Flexform products have a timeless elegance. Evergreen sofa is the perfect example of this: a sober product of slim, almost ethereal poise.

The Flexform MOOD collection operates in an area of classic-contemporary tastes. It is a world with affinities to Flexform in terms of quality and elegance, but with more eclectic stylist research, that insert past details after a process of simplification. The Mood world takes its inspiration from the beautiful furniture produced in Europe during the last century, reinterpreted to create a new image for each element of furniture.

Flexform sofa

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