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    Discover the latest news from MM1930 worlds.

    When it comes to Italian furniture and home decor news, we're on top of our game. Discover here the latest from the industry, the newest drops from our favourite brands, and more. Enter MM1930, our exclusive blog. 

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  • Inspiration
    Inspiration (5)

    Let us inspire you with plenty of interior design ideas.

    Learn the secrets behind the best Italian brands, and let our interior design team give you some extra special food for thought. We're here to inspire you with the latest trends from our industry. Enter MM1930, our exclusive blog.

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  • Tips and Tricks
    Tips and Tricks (1)

    Tips and tricks for better interior design experience.

    Our expertise in interior design is 90 years old. Aside from dealing with the best Italian brands, our team is here to give you advice and practical guidance. Looking to have concrete support on home decor matters? Don't look any further. Enter MM1930, our exclusive blog.

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  • Our Projects
    Our Projects (1)

    Discover the most beautiful houses furnished with the best Italian brands.

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