Gregory sectional sofa by Flexform
  • Gregory sectional sofa by Flexform
  • Gregory Sofa by Flexform Collection 2020
  • Gregory modular sofa by Flexform dimension with table
  • Flexform Gregory sectional sofa customized composition
  • Gregory sofa by Flexform - layout idea L-shaped

Another Antonio Citterio sure shot: enter the Gregory sofa by Flexform.

Once upon a time, not long ago, a famous designer met an iconic Italian decor brand. It's not a fairy tale, but a matter of fact, as Antonio Citterio is back with another Flexform exclusive modular creation. The new Gregory sofa has a bold personality and absolutely amazing details. The perfect solution to add style and elegance in any living room. The details are breath-taking, as usual when it comes to discussing Flexform collection. For instance, the unique metal base is softened by the warmth of elegant cowhide, which is also used to tailor-finish the exposed parts of the elastic webbing that hosts the seat cushions.

The comfortable and soft seats create a perfect cushioning system, for an interior design solution with a sober style. Of course, the proper ergonomics are essential to match comfort and flair.

The metal structure and cast aluminium feet come in several finishes. Gregory's only limit apparently is the imagination of its owners. In fact, they can choose among an array of sophisticated colours pairing with the cowhide webbing, available in tobacco, dark brown and black.

Choose your perfect match choosing fabrics, leathers and finishes. You can now create a totally customizable sectional sofa. Easy to install and ideal for daily use, yet timeless and bound to last.

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The latest home decor items from the Flexform Collection 2020 are now available at a special price. Our team is ready to help you choose the best home decor solutions. We offer also free worldwide shipping with specialized couriers. And if you have any further request or needs, we will be more than happy to listen to it and find a tailored solution. Give us a chance!

Gregory sofa by Flexform: a new image for your living room by Flexform


Gregory sofa is a sectional sophisticated hand-made masterpiece off the latest 2020 Flexform collection. A home decor item made in Italy, with luxurious construction details that place it firmly centre stage in any living space. The seating system is perfectly poised between classicism and modernity and, thanks to its modular agility, it is possible to create infinite compositions.

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