Living Divani Neowall Sofa: best price at Mobilificio Marchese
  • Living Divani Neowall Sofa: best price at Mobilificio Marchese
  • Living Divani Neowall Sofa: best interior design piece
  • NeoWall Sofa Living Divani
  • NeoWall Sofa Living Divani colours available leathers
  • NeoWall Sofa Living Divani: the king of sofa

Buy Living Divani Neowall sofa: unbeatable price, guaranteed quality.

The Neowall sofa by Living Divani is a masterpiece of made in Italy furniture, offered to you at the best available price on the market. This piece of furniture is entirely hand-made with care and passion by Living Divani master craftsmen, designed to furnish houses all over the world with style. A strong and reliable sofa, thanks to the solid poplar wood structure, but comfortable and enveloping at the same time, thanks to the large seat cushions and its back, both padded with goose down.
Depending on the space and style of your interior décor, the solutions offered by Neowall sofa keep the charm of handmade Italian furniture intact, to conquer at first glance. The possibility of creating infinite compositions and mixing fabrics of different colours allows you to give free rein to your imagination, creating personal and never dull furnishing solutions.

Let's create together your modular sofa. Contact us now: the design service is free!

Our team of architects and interior designers is ready to help you put together and design the perfect Neowall sofa for your home. Buy your custom-fit Living Neowall sofa, and you will receive maximum assistance and the best price. Trust us: at Mobilificio Marchese you will always find professionalism and courtesy.

Living Divani Neowall: modular sofa perfection by Living Divani

Living Divani

Best Living Divani Neowall price? Never too much for design quality

Neowall by Living Divani is an incredible sofa, and not because of its price. Its uniqueness lies in the exclusive design, the high-quality materials and the maximum comfort it guarantees. Neowall has all these features, the same ones that over time have made it one of the best sellers of the Italian furniture brand Living Divani.

Sober, modern and characterized by clean lines, the masterpiece of designer Piero Lissoni is able to adapt to the most varied needs, thanks to adaptable elements, fabrics, and colours. Neowall is the canapé that fully reflects the taste in furnishing those who choose it, telling its story. Buy online at Mobilificio Marchese: we guarantee you our best price.

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