Mirage Mirror by Lema
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Mirage Mirror by Lema
Mirage Mirror by Lema Mirage mirror in a living area Mirage mirror in a setting Mirage mirror combination by Lema

LEMA Mirage Mirror

Lema Mirage mirror

If you are looking for a mirror that serves as both a decorative and functional element, Lema Mirage mirror is for you. Mirage is a wall-mounted decorative mirror that revolutionises and innovates an ancient object such as the mirror, adding not inconsiderable aesthetic value to its typical function.

The innovative part of Mirage is the wall-mounting system, which allows several reflective surfaces to be mounted at different angles, giving greater depth to any room. And not only that, the combination of the mirrors mounted at different angles will allow you to mirror yourself from different perspectives, giving a play of reflections.

Ask our interior design experts for advice and furnish your home with the Mirage mirror.


Data sheet

Width: 18 cm
Depth: 6 cm
Availability: 30-40 days
Made to Order: yes
Height: 150 cm

Description Mirage Mirror

Mirage by Lema: a decorative and functional mirror

The Mirage wall mirror is a modular and functional decorative element that allows maximum freedom of composition thanks to the multitude of reflective surfaces that can be mounted at different angles. The designer Tokujin Yoshioka designed this mirror to offer a feeling of greater depth to any room, without underestimating the functionality of this timeless design element: in fact, thanks to the multiple angles, it will be possible to mirror oneself from different angles. 

The wall-mounting system firmly supports the structure, a series of extra-clear mirrors, finished with a grinding that evokes the ancient classical mirror workmanship, combining contemporaneity and tradition.

Furnish your home with the lightness of the Mirage mirror by Lema

Ask Mobilificio Marchese for more information: the Mirage mirror is an original solution for looking at yourself from different perspectives. We offer you the best quote and the possibility of international shipping with specialised couriers. Our team is available every day to satisfy your needs and doubts.

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