Flexform Groundpiece Sofa
  • Flexform Groundpiece Sofa
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  • Flexform Groundpiece Sofa
  • Flexform Groundpiece Sofa
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Groundpiece sofa by Flexform, simply the finest.

Designed by Antonio Citterio, Flexform Groundpiece has revolutionized the concept of sofa. Its design is based on the awareness that functions are linked to new actions and behaviours. On a sofa you can read, rest, watch TV, but you can also work with a computer, or even have dinner. This is why low metal storage units covered in cowhide can integrate the structure, replacing part of the back or armrest to provide useful counter space.

The metal frame makes this sofa an item destined to last over time. Upholstered in leather or removable fabric.

Contact us for a customized layout and full interior design support, we'll be happy to help you make your home a haven, or simply layout a new corner in your space.

Combination 1 (total lenght 348 cm)

Groundpiece combination 1:

- 3 elements dimension 100x97 cm;
- 2 armrests dimension 24x97 cm;
- 3 cushions with roll dimension 80x60 cm.

Groundpiece combination 2 (total length 348 cm):

The combination 2 consists of:
- 3 elements dimension 100x97 cm;
- 1 armrest dimension 24x97 cm;
- 1 bookcase armrest dimension 24x97 cm;
- 3 cushions with roll dimension 80x60 cm.

Flexform Groundpiece Sofa: interior design 2.0 by Flexform


Flexform Groundpiece sofa at the best price? Look here!

Groundpiece is the unrivalled bestseller of all Flexform production. 

Minimal design and large goosedown cushions make it a piece of furniture elegant and comfortable, a sectional sofa manufactured with extreme attention for details. Totally customizable, this sofa is able to satisfy your every wish with infinite combinations.

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