Baxter is best italian brand specialized in production of leather armchairs and sofas. His history is going on from 25 years, and thanks to great emotion, traditions and handed down knowledge, has given it a unique position in the world of contemporary design.

His strong point is the importance of the quality of materials and manufacturing processes, that puts together with the emotional impact in terms of aesthetics, form and function of sofas and armchairs.

It all began in the traditional tanning district of Italy where master craftsmen transform rough material into pieces of leather with an exclusive appearance, softness and touch.

So, prestigious leather becomes the symbol of Baxter excellence: it has a soul as it is a living product that must be treated gently and that is enhanced by passing of time, becoming the witness of the life of those who use them.

Moreover, Baxter pay particular attention to the eco-supportability and, as ISO 14001 certificated company, they bring about production logics that minimize the environmental impact.

Starting with a hide and ending with a design like a little work of art, every single product has its own history that undergoes a specific tailoring process, allowing the finished product to be highly personalised. In fact, different details and features can be customized, such as the colour and the type of leather, by the profiles, colour of the thread used for stitching or the finish of the metal feet and frames.

Precious raw materials together with the open propensity to innovation and research allows the Italian brand to emphasize the free expression of great creative spirits of design.

Among these, Baxter counts designer of the likes of Paola Navone, Matteo Thun, Antonio Rodriguez, Piero Lissoni, Giuseppe Manzoni, Marco Milisich and Roberto Lazzeroni.

From this philosophy that gives great importance to individuality as an exclusive uniqueness have borned extraordinary products like armchairs as the Bergère longe, that is able to meet any comfort and relax needs;
the Berlino, elegant, fluent and comfortable, with a strong and firm personality;
the Diner, which represents the continuous research of a formal essence and pure shapes;
or sofas as Budapest soft, the first one designed by Paola Navone for Baxter and still is the best seller of the company;
and, also, the Chester Moon, created from a reinterpretation of a classical model and become one of the most famous of the brand, thanks to its balance between the complexity of the techniques used to realise it and its simple and neat lines.

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